TripWires - This is How You Turn Prospects into Buyers

So you have an excellent lead magnet in place... Now what?

Well not you need to start making people in your list  buy from you. Or, let's just re-phrase that last sentence... you need to start 'conditioning' people in your list to buy from you.

And how do you do that? 

With a extremely low-priced and irresistible offer. Something that's an absolute no brainer to your target audience, called the Trip Wire.

Trip wires serve one primary purpose: They transform CUSTOMERS into BUYERS.

And that's all they are supposed to do.

You see, the moment your prospects buy from you, even if it's just a few dollars, the relationship is no longer the same. They are no longer a prospect, they are a buyer.

And they will not have the same level of resistance the next time you try and sell them something. Because they've already bought something from you!

So how do you go by creating one of these?

Here are three simple things you need to pay attention to...

- Think about something valuable you can offer at a price that is way below it's original price point. 

- Try offering something that would make your prospects go: "Is this for real?" As Gary Halbert, the greatest copywriter of all time said "You want to ASTONISH your audience. ASTONISH them."

-  Like the lead magnet, try making it easy for people. Give them guidelines. Tell them where to go. Tell them where to click, and where to buy. 

As soon as you're ready with an irresistible trip wire, you need to start planning for one of the most crucial steps in the sales funnel. 

It's crucial not because it's super complex, but mostly because you need to get the timing of this step absolutely perfect... 

The timing is what makes the difference between making 1500 sales instead of 520 sales...

More about this in the next post.