Your website is a reflection of your company.

Having a great website which communicates the uniqueness of your company is key to establishing your authority in your industry.

And that's what I can help you with.

If you're:

  • A new company in need of branding advice. I can help you develop your story, your core marketing messages, and create engaging content for your website.
  • An established company look to update your website with fresh content. I can help you boost your website's effectiveness with strategies to generate more leads and sales.

Here are the web B2B writing service packages I offer:

Complete Website Copy

My most comprehensive website development package. I will take you through a detailed journey that involves brand strategy, finding your company's "voice", coming up with lead-generation ideas, creating a website skeleton and finally putting all the pieces together with an engaging website.

In-Depth Site Audit

Is your website not giving you the results you want? I can pinpoint exactly what's wrong with your site and show you the strategic content improvements you can make to increase it's effectiveness.